Baked Meatball Subs

Baked Meatball Subs

Jan 22, 2022Jason Whitney

We are sure one of the most asked questions is, what’s for dinner?? Next time you find yourself asking this question (or you are being asked for the 100th time) try this quick and easy recipe! Also shoutout to @lowcarb_eating_lifestyle for sharing this awesome recipe idea with us

Macros: 11C/25F/25P

What we used:

  1. WiO’s  SmartBuns hot dog buns
  2. Provolone cheese
  3. Rao’s spaghetti sauce
  4. Beef meatballs (Italian style)
  5. Italian seasoning
  6. Mozzarella cheese


Open buns in a baking dish and add a spoonful spaghetti sauce inside
Add slice of provolone cheese to each bun
Cook meatballs on stove top with spaghetti sauce and Italian seasoning
Add 4 meatballs to each hot dog bun
  1. Add extra sauce on top if desired
Top with mozzarella cheese
Bake @350 for 12-14 minutes

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