Can Diet Soda Cause You To Gain Weight?

Can Diet Soda Cause You To Gain Weight?

Apr 22, 2022Jason Whitney

With 0 calories it’s no wonder diet sodas are a tempting beverage of choice, but maybe don’t reach for that can just yet. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes diet soda sweet, and why it might not be such a wise choice after all. Aspartame is what gives diet soda the “sweetness” factor, it’s 200x sweeter than sugar and is a chemically man-made product. If you’re consuming a food or beverage created in a lab instead of by nature, you can be assured your body doesn’t recognize it.  

Would it surprise you to learn aspartame may cause you to gain weight? It’s true — products marketed as “reduced calorie,” “sugar-free,” and “diet” can sabotage your weight control efforts. The two main ingredients of aspartame, phenylalanine and aspartic acid, stimulate the release of insulin and leptin — hormones which instruct your body to store fat.

So now we know that diet soda may not help you lose weight, but what other negative side effects are there from aspartame?

  1. Migraines
  2. Sleep problems/insomnia
  3. Change in heart rate
  4. Dizziness/poor equilibrium

Do these side effects feel familiar? Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to diet soda.

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