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Discover the WiO FPC Eating Lifestyle

Feb 05, 2021Jason Whitney

Fact: You’re always on a diet. The food you choose to eat IS your diet, regardless if you are: 1- losing, 2- gaining, or 3- maintaining your weight.
The WiO Eating Lifestyle will give you the perfect FPC Ratio for whatever form your diet takes.

What is the FPC Ratio?
It’s all about the eating the right ratio of Fats, Protein and Carbohydrates each and every day. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, we recommend limiting carbs to 20–110 grams a day, protein to 95–135 grams a day, and Fats to 118–170 grams a day (limiting your Omega 6’s). No matter your current weight, gender, or what your dietary restrictions are, whether you are a professional athlete or workout on the weekends, the FPC ratio can help you achieve your healthy weight and avoid unnecessary illness or chronic conditions. Chronic diseases stem from eating the wrong foods or even the right foods at the wrong FPC ratio. 
Our philosophy is: “Eat what you want, just balance your FPC ratio.”


FPC Ratio Control: The Real Answer
The ratio amount of Fat, Protein and Carbs you choose to eat triggers hormones that regulate and manage your chronic health issues and will literally determine your level of health for the rest of your life. The only way to control these powerful hormones Is to control the ratio of fat, protein, and carbs (FPC Ratio).

WiO Makes FPC Control Easy: Change Your FPC Ratio — Change Your Health
Each macronutrient can be a part of a healthy diet, but too much of a good thing can harm you, and the biggest danger isn’t what you probably think.

Calories Don’t Matter
It’s definitely not how many calories you’re eating. Truth is, just about any food can fit into a healthy lifestyle. The research is proving that it all comes down to your food choice fitting into the right FPC Ratio.

When You Know That You Need To Change
Have you been following an unhealthy FPC Ratio? The answer can be found in your symptoms. If you have symptoms, that is the evidence you need that your FPC Ratio needs to be adjusted.

These Symptoms Indicate A Change Is Needed
Overweight, high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, low energy, hard to concentrate, poor sleep, depression, etc.

We make it easy!
WiO gives you 3 easy control categories that give you the power to control what you WANT and what your body NEEDS.

All of us want expert advice of what is best to eat to achieve the body and health that we want. The latest research is formulated into a personalized eating plan, eliminating the guesswork of what you should be doing.

Our SmartFoods™ line makes it deliciously easy to stay on course when you want a snack or don’t feel like cooking, with ready to eat FPC balanced foods.

Low Carb Flours / Zero Calorie SweetenerYou have your favorite family recipes that you make at home. Often those favorites do not fit into the perfect FPC ratio. With FPC Control III they now can. We have specially formulated kitchen ingredients that give you the power to control the amount of carbs and fats that your body will absorb. Never before, have you had the power to control the FPC Ratio of your favorite recipes.
With WiO SmartFoods™ you don’t have to count calories or sacrifice the foods you really want to eat, all because you’re watching your waistline or your health. Read our reviews or have a taste for yourself, our SmartFoods™ are not only low-carb and zero fat, but delicious and healthy. No weighing, no counting, or hours filled with preparing meals. We got you covered!

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