Egg in Waffle Iron

Egg in Waffle Iron

May 26, 2022Jason Whitney

Egg in a waffle iron? Yep, you read that right. This awesome hack has made breakfast sandwiches so much easier to make!

Macros: 5C/14F/21P

Heat mini waffle iron as you would when making a waffle.

In a small bowl whip a cracked egg adding cheese and desired seasonings. I love Everything but the Bagel seasoning, but good ol’ fashion salt and pepper work great as well. Once all whipped together add to waffle iron.

Be sure to spray your waffle iron with non-stick spray before placing the egg inside. Leave iron closed for 4-5 minutes. Once egg is fully cooked lift the iron and remove carefully with a fork. Add egg to WiO croissant and enjoy!

To add more protein to your day try adding sliced deli meat to or cooked sausage to your breakfast sandwich as well.

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