NO GUILT  Peanut Butter

NO GUILT Peanut Butter

Mar 01, 2023Callie Whitney

Everyone LOVES Peanuts, however not everyone LOVES the calories!

What if there was a Peanut Butter that you could enjoy and not have the calories along with it? 

WiO SmartFoods has created that Peanut Butter for YOU! We have a special food-grade ingredient that blocks 100% of the fat....yes, you heard that right, WiO can block all of the fat so you can enjoy your guilt-free peanut butter every day, or every meal. This makes all our favorite food recopies tastes even better. 

What's great about this special guilt-free peanut butter is that WiO offers 4 different flavors to satisfy any craving, or to simply eat by the spoon full. 

We use this peanut butter on all things WiO: on our bread, rolls and even in our SmartShakes (MRP). Peanut Butter just adds not only more flavor, but more protein. 

We have 4 amazing Peanut Butter flavors, regular peanut butter, salted caramel, chocolate, and cinnamon. 

Check out what others are saying about our Peanut Butter: Healthy Nut Creamy Peanut Butter – WiO Diet

Here is our favorite recipe that makes for a delicious snack!



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