Keto Dessert - No Guilt Chocolate Muffin Treat

Keto Dessert - No Guilt Chocolate Muffin Treat

Mar 19, 2022Jason Whitney

A keto dessert that’s sure to satisfy any craving. Take your WiO muffins to a whole new level with this easy, low-carb treat!

What you’ll need:

Put all ingredients in a bowl and whip for 3-5 minutes until cream has thickened and become frosting like texture.

Ready for more? Cut your WiO chocolate muffin in half and poke holes with a fork to create small holes. Pour heavy whipping cream onto the muffin and let it soak into the muffin. Top with 2 Tbsp your delicious frosting you just created and ENJOY your keto dessert!

Macros: 4C/11F/9P

Did you know?

Did you know the muffins were one of the first products of WiO? WiO started out as a weight-loss management company. Clients would come into office and have a full body scan, measurements, and plan for them. Occasionally the owner would whip up some keto-friendly muffins using plant based fat and carb blockers to treat his clients with. This way clients were rewarded without the negative side effects of breaking their diet since 100% of the fat and most of the carbs were blocked and never absorbed. The response was overwhelming. Due to the high demand for more low-carb, keto-friendly muffins. WiO shifted from client-facing weight loss program into food manufacturing.

Today, WiO has a full time kitchen staff to manufacture a variety of desired foods. Quite the step up from he and his wife making muffins every weekend.

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