Stop Counting Calories

Stop Counting Calories

Jun 06, 2022Jason Whitney

Wait, what? Stop counting calories? YES! There is no such thing as a calorie receptor in your body. Your body has no idea what a calorie is. What does matter is where those calories are coming form, the sources can have vastly different effects on hunger, hormones, energy expenditure and the brain. 100 calories in cotton candy vs 100 calories in broccoli is going to affect your body in drastically different ways, including how you feel after each bite. Those calories from cotton candy will result in a huge insulin spike compared to the 100 calories from broccoli. What does that mean for you? That means getting that insulin spike can make the difference between gaining fat and losing fat.  

Rather than counting calories, pay attention to the food source of those calories. Each calorie is made up of macros. What are macros? Macros (macronutrients) consist of fats, proteins, and carbs. Each macronutrient has a different function within our bodies. Being more mindful of macros rather than calories, promotes a more mindful approach overall to daily eating habits that allow you to dive deeper into your body’s needs. 

Does counting macros feel overwhelming? Of course it does—our bodies aren’t calculators! Focus on the parentages rather than the number of grams. Try to find foods that have a healthy macro ratio, rather than trying to hit a specific number of each macronutrient. Use the FPC guide illustrated below for help.

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