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The Best Time for a Cheat Meal

Sep 22, 2022Jason Whitney
The best time to schedule a “cheat” meal and what to do if you indulge. The key word is “schedule” it's those unplanned drive-by food cheats that get us in the most trouble. When you plan a cheat meal or treat you can determine exactly how much and what you're going to cheat with.  Can we take a second and define some words please... “deserve” and “punish”. First, food should never be used to reward and punish. Food is necessary for life, trying to figure out if you deserve it sends and supports mixed messages to ourselves and to our family. And if children are involved can plant the seeds of an unhealthy relationship with food for the rest of their lives. For starters – see food for what it is; an essential part of life and if prepared well, can be a delightful pleasure... that’s it. Our culture and customs are built around food but that doesn’t mean that you deserve it. There is too much emotional baggage that gets tied to that, so just let it go.

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