The Truth About Vitamins

The Truth About Vitamins

Jul 19, 2022Jason Whitney

Essential, non-essential, and RDA?? We’re talking all about vitamins and minerals and it can be overwhelming! Let’s break it down and learn what the science is behind these micronutrients and see how it differs from what the $30 billion dollar supplement industry may be telling you.

First, let’s talk Essential. There are 13 essential vitamins that play a vital role in metabolic processes and functioning of tissue and organs. Simply put, we need these vitamins to survive. How do you know if you’re lacking in these essential nutrients? These 4 symptoms may be a good indicator that you’re lacking in vitamins:  

  1. Brittle hair and nails  
  2. Cracks in the corner of your mouth  
  3. Bleeding gums – even when brushing your teeth  
  4. Poor night vision

How do we make sure our bodies get these essential vitamins? In a nutshell, only from foods grown in re-fortified soil. Our body CANNOT produce essential vitamins naturally, therefore, they must be supplied from foods. There are, thank goodness, some companies that can provide you whole-food vitamins (from food sources). WiO is one of them!

Now let’s talk non-essential. Non-essential just means our body can’t synthesize these vitamins without the building blocks to do it. Our webinar will cover this in more detail, plus we’ll have a surprise giveaway! Watch your email and tune in for details!

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