How WiO can help?

Now that we understand “WHAT” the problem is, Metabolic Syndrome (MSx) and its symptoms, we’d like to show you “HOW” WiO can help you!

The WiO protocol is designed to help you deal with the root cause of MSx. Most programs don’t fix anything and therefore many dieters experience a “yo-yo” effect and find themselves in the same situation (or worse) within months of dieting. The reason this happens is simple: the real problem was never resolved. The WiO protocol is designed to fix the reason(s) why your body refuses to shed fat, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and normalize your blood sugar. WiO is scientifically proven to assist in changing the way your body works. It resets the pancreas, liver, and digestive system, thus allowing your body to shed fat, improve overall health, and experience increased energy and vitality.
To support this program, which is so effective in overcoming MSx, we have created an easy-to-follow 3-step program. The client is guided through the entire program by a personalized WiO approved Health Coach. Meeting weekly with their WiO coach, clients have their body fat percentage, scale weight, hydration levels, and muscle mass measured. Along with these biomarkers, clients will have their body measurements taken and receive one on one guided council through our proprietary emotional eating lessons, Intuitive Eating. The WiO protocol does have a beginning and an end, and we cover the program through the following three simple steps.

Phase 1 Resetting Phase
During which the Pancreas, Liver, and Digestive System are reset More
Week1- Physical
Phase Alternative
Phase 2 Corrective Phase
During which the client will slowly ease back into a healthy eating lifestyle
Phase 2
Phase 3 Rehabilitaion Phase
During which the client will solidify the change as he/she continues the journey back into a healthy eating lifestyle. This is the most important phase of all.
Phase 3
Phase 4 Maintenance or Lifestyle Phase
During which the client will continue to maintain the great level of health
Phase 4