The Facts Can Help Insure That Chronic Disease Isn’t Part Of Your Life


This section will tell you the statistics of where our nation’s health is and how you compare. Most people believe that they are healthier than they really are.

Don’t be fooled, find out your risks and if you are trending towards or away from health. Use this section to find the facts about your level of health and what will happen if you continue to do what you are doing.

Humanity is more technologically advance than ever before. We now know more about the human body and have made staggering medical advancements. And yet, the average person suffers from disease, ailments and sickness that were almost unheard of 100 years ago. In many ways we are worse off than previous generations.

It is a FACT

If you eat the same food that the average American consumes you are assured that you will suffer from the same chronic disease that plagues the average person, so eat differently.

Over 75% of all deaths are caused by chronic disease.

Which means, if you have a chronic disease it can be avoided or reversed… if you know how.

Eating Differently Is The Answer…
But Eat What?

Every study and research is trying to tell us what is making us sick and why we are getting diseases that we never had a problem with before.

If you are looking for a single villain to take the blame for chronic disease it would be Insulin, too much insulin.

The classic tale of a love-hate relationship. Without any insulin and you couldn’t survive. And yet, getting too much insulin, for too long and you start getting one chronic disease after another.

Health issues like; obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol even diabetes, arthritis and heart disease can be expected.


You can overcome a chronic disease– if you reverse it before it’s too late.

Lower Your Insulin Levels
With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the world. Insuring that this cardiovascular disease isn’t any part of your future demands controlling your insulin levels.

Overcoming chronic issues can be as simple as eating foods that produces lower insulin levels I your body. The research in pouring in and the picture is pretty clear.

Studies are conclusive on how elevated insulin levels multiplies your risks of heart disease and other chronic issues.

Here are the Facts of the connection of the most popular health issues facing us all.
Almost 80% of Americans are overweight and 34% are obese. It only takes 30 pound over your ideal weight to be medically obese. Here’s the facts:


Having other health risks such as; high blood pressure and cholesterol, fatty liver, insulin resistant, being less fertile, even damaging your lungs and getting asthma are all spurred by carrying around those extra pounds. Being obese comes with a heavy cost; costing you $7,441 more each year.

Welcome to the facts of obesity and being overweight. If you want to dodge issues like diabetes, you want to slim down. Because those extra pounds increase type II by an incredible 930%. Your odds of dying from coronary heart disease goes up 62% as does getting a stroke by 64%.

A third of all joint replacement surgery is from being obese and the risk of Alzheimer’s jumps by 42%. That explains why healthcare costs will cost you 81% more than what a thin person will spend.

Going to the ER will happen 41% more often. And your likelihood of taking medications is twice as high. We have a fascinating detailed video on being overweight. Do yourself a favor and find out how you can lose those extra pounds avoid all these nasty health risks by lowering your insulin levels.



Eat a diet that increases your insulin and your chances of dying from elevated blood pressure by 15%. Over 348,000 people died from it last year, don’t be one of then this year.
Almost half of Americans have it, even more don’t have it controlled, and that is a major problem because 69% of heart attacks victims had high blood pressure. 77% of strokes is caused by high blood pressure.

Even congestive heart failure is connected to hypertension with 74% having it. I can bet that you didn’t know that by just taking blood pressure medications and your risks of kidney failure, angina, heart arrhythmia, the loss of vital minerals goes up considerably.

Hypertension medication has been shown to increase your risks of actually getting high cholesterol by 69%. Feeling a little depressed? It makes sense, blood pressure medications also increased people being admitted to the hospital for depression by 20%.

Just by taking that little pill to lower your blood pressure will increase our chances of obesity by 58%, there is a healthier and better way. Blood pressure medication is expensive, it will cost you up to $990 a year.

That’s why a popular treatment, such as taking medications isn’t as good as hyper-insulin prevention, because with prevention you can avoid all of this. If you are taking medications to treat hypertension you need to find out how to lower your blood pressure by lowering your insulin levels.

We can even work with your doctor if your already on medication treatment. If you want to find out what really causes high blood pressure and the serious risks, risks that you have not been told about when you treat hypertension with medications, click here.




High Cholesterol will cost you $685 a year. And it has some nasty side-effects.
Taking the medications to treat cholesterol is linked to both kidney and liver failure and high CPK enzyme levels. Which involves your brain, heart, central nervous system and can over load your kidneys and eat way muscle tissue, holding on to your muscle is vital to your good health.

And if that’s not enough has been shown to actually cause both high blood pressure and type II diabetes, by 46%. You want to avoid insulin resistance at all cost, having elevated cholesterol bumps your likelihoods of being insulin resistant by 24% and that’s just the short list.

Conventional treatment includes medications, but there is a long list of side affects you need to avoid.

If you are taking medications for cholesterol lowering your insulin levels is the first step of a true recovery. Let us help you in your journey of health.


Having your body’s cells resistant to insulin is more of a dimmer switch instead of an off or on switch. Truth is, it starts with just a few localized cells that ignore this powerful hormone. If left unchecked, and years of hyper insulin production and a majority or your cell will be resistant to insulin.

Insulin is usually the first chronic disease to affect you, because if you have any of the chronic issues mentioned here, you had insulin resistance first. This risk has always been there but checking for it wasn’t a common blood test that your doctor ordered. Do yourself a favor and ask your doctor for a “2-Hour Insulin Glucose Challenge Test”. This glucose tolerance test can help detect your high insulin levels. Over 50% Americans have insulin resistance, and yet 90% of people who have this condition are left undiagnosed.

Because Insulin resistance is partnered with most chronic issues and definitely with those listed here, it can be the costliest of all. Sucking $1,146 a month out of your budget if you have all the other related issues, which sadly, millions do.




Many are fooled in thinking that type II is the safer type of diabetes. By 2030 44% of the population will have type II. If your over 50 by then, your chances jumped to 51% of having diabetes. Far too many are prediabetic, bolting to 26% of the population. But studies show less than 1 in 10 even know that they are pre-diabetic.

Not reversing pre-diabetes will result in you contracting full-blown diabetes within 5 years. US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Popul Health Manag. 2017 Feb 1; 20(1): 6–12. Published online 2017 Feb 1. doi: 10.1089/pop.2015.0181 PMCID: PMC5278808 Diabetes 2030: Insights from Yesterday, Today, and Future Trends William R. Rowley, MD, 1 Clement Bezold, PhD,1 Yasemin Arikan, BA,1 Erin Byrne, MPH,2and Shannon Krohe, MPH3 .

With heart disease being the leading killer in the world, 68% of diabetic deathsare directly linked to heart disease. If you’re 65 or older your risks of dying from diabetes explodes by 40%. Even your kidneys are damaged by diabetes. 40% of all kidney disease is caused by it.

Because diabetes effects your blood flow of vital nutrients, almost 70% of all amputation come from diabetes. It even effects our young. 74% of children that go to the hospital are diagnosed with type II diabetes. We are all fearful of contracting Alzheimer’s. Having diabetes increases your chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s by 65%.

Being diabetic is expensive, costing over $1,270 a year and will balloon to almost $1,800 in the next decade. Type II Diabetes is definitely the plague of the century and one that is affecting our entire planet, and is cause by one thing, too much insulin for too long. Following a WiO Eating Lifestyle will help eliminate you suffering from diabetes.




You don’t know much about Fatty liver disease yet but trust the studies, you need to, it’s important. Up to 32% of the general population have it, and 75% of those that are overweight can count on having it too. And if your unlucky enough to have diabetes 74% of you will also have a fatty liver. If your liver is fat, 30% will have liver damage and if left untreated 25% the damage will progress to cirrhosis of the liver. All this comes with a price tag of $1,613 a year.

Higher insulin levels for too low will result in you becoming insulin resistant. Just like nearly 50% of other Americans are. Once your cells are resistant to the effects of insulin because they are resistant, your blood sugar will rise and stay there. That’s when you have type II diabetes. Continue down this high insulin producing diet and your blood pressure and cholesterol will rise. Fat around your liver and other organ will develop, weight gain, stiff joint, arthritis digestive, Alzheimer’s and over 20 other health risks can develop.

Why Not Stop It Before You Get It?

The CDC estimates that over 1,550,000 people die each year from these metabolic conditions, directly or indirectly, that’s 3 people every minute. There is no other disease that claims more lives and none that are as easily preventable if you treat it properly, in other words you don’t have to have the symptoms If you don’t want them. We are truly facing a Modern-Day Health Apocalypse. Thousands of clinical studies support that not only are the conditions you’re facing preventable, but thankfully reversible.

Preventable Care
Treatment Care

It is unavoidable.

The changes in healthcare is affecting every business, patient, employer and employees. That includes each of us.

No one can read the future and describe exactly what healthcare will look like in 10 or 20 years. However, this much we do know, if the trends continue in the direction. The cost of being sick is going cause us to broke.

Today, 17 cents of every dollar go towards healthcare. By 2030 it will climb to over 33 cents. That’s over $44,000 a year for every person in the U.S., could you afford 33% of your paycheck going towards being sick?

Average family income in 2018 was $5,181 a month. In the year 2030 you will be paying $1,710 a month for your poor health, could you afford being sick?


Invest in your health now, by avoiding these costly health risks. Eating healthy can cost as little as $5.00 a meal.

In a recent GALLUP poll, Americans spend $151 on food per week. For most of us, that investment in food isn’t giving us a good return on our health.

What Do You Spend?


Invest in your health now, by avoiding these costly health risks. Eating healthy can cost as little as $5.00 a meal.

In a recent GALLUP poll, Americans spend $151 on food per week. For most of us, that investment in food isn’t giving us a good return on our health.

What Do You Spend?


Preventable care is affordable.

Annual Cost of managing Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Disease.
The cost of treating obesity and being overweight will average $1,429
The cost of high blood pressure will average $990
Cholesterol treatment comes in at an average of $685
Diabetes is very costly with $1,268
Treating fatty liver will average $1,613
And Insulin Resistance, including all the issues above totally 1,146 - Monthly


Practicing preventable care is simply eating a diet that keeps your insulin low. Each month you pay for auto insurance, it makes good financial sense. The odds are 1 in 645 that you will get in an auto accident once in your life time, that’s a one tenth of 1 percent chance.

Eat Like An American Symptoms of an American

Eating a Westernized diet or the American diet, your odds are greater than 8 out of 10 that you will get at least one of the symptoms we have been talking about. That’s over 80% odds. Practicing preventable is more than watching what you eat. It is controlling your insulin levels at all costs, regardless of what you eat.


On average we spend $151 a week on food. Some spend $50 a week and some spend $300. If you’re like most Americans you dole out $21.57 each day on food, where does yours go to? Pick the wrong kind of foods and soon your will be paying for it by treating your chronic symptoms. By the year 2030 the odds are you will be spending an additional $56.22 a day to cover the cost of treating your poor health. Spend it wisely and your bill will be little to zero.

Your Healthy Solution For $5.00

The WiO Eating Plan is a Meal Replacement program. All you do is switch out your current high insulin meal with a low insulin meal that can cost as little as $5.00 a day. Everyone can afford to swap a $10 - $15 or $30 high insulin meal for a $5.00 delicious healthy meal.

Eat Right Today
BIG Payoff Tomorrow

Invest a little today and save a lot later. Our Eating Lifestyle is designed for those that are busy, demand delicious and nutrient dense foods.

Where are you calories coming from?

Studies are in and they tell us that most people get their calories from this type of unhealthy ratio. At least 51% of their calories come from carbohydrate and studies are proving that, that’s too much.

This kind of diet isn’t making us healthy


Limit your carbs and increase the quality of fats in your diet


Cutting Calories Has Never Really Worked

The latest research is pointing that restricting your calories isn’t the answer to overcoming weight and chronic issues. Eat the calories but change where your calories are coming from.

Moderate protein to power your muscles and build new cells. Limit your carbohydrates to less than 110 grams a day. Studies are telling us that increasing fats to 60-70% of your total calories. Most of those fats need to come from omega 3 and reducing your omega 6 is necessary.

Bright Side & Dark Side of Medication

Drugs Can Save Lives

It is estimated that 1 life is saved each second through of the power of medication. Its hard to argue that the advent and creation of drugs in modern area is a massive lifesaving tool.

Nearly 200 medications have been pulled from the market because they caused more harm to people than helped them. The FDA reports that tens of thousands of people die each year from drug interactions, using the wrong drug or medical errors.

Medication Can Be Dangerous

The Journal of the American Medical Association recent analysis estimates 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed by their doctor. Your odds of dying from medication is 1 in 2,555 each year you continue to take them. Even though medication is a modern miracle, taking them comes with risks.


Medical experts’ advice: make changes in your diet, lifestyle and exercise before choosing to take medications if it is an option.


1 in 2,555

Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health, medical condition or medication. Never disregard the advice of a medical professional or change your medication prescription without consulting your doctor. The information on this Website is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as personal medical advice.

Medication Is A Miracle Period You Need To Look At The Side-Effects




Medication is Like Taking A Cold Shower To Treat An Infection


Symptoms are red flags that your body is waving, telling you that it needs your attention. If you do nothing, things are just going to get worse. It is common to take medicationlike insulin for example, to lower glucose levels, beta blockers for blood pressure and statins for cholesterol. All medications have side effects, you need to ask yourselfif this is the smartest, safest and most effective way. Do you want to treat your symptoms or eliminate them?

Something must be done but are you prepared for the long list of medication side effects?
« Medication Side Effects »

Medication is a popular style of treatment and is a popular treatment for most all chronic disease… but does it work as a cure?

Sadly, NO, it’s just a treatment of the symptoms. These medications will never cure the disease because it simply treats the symptom and not the cause.


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