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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there any references and studies to backup the science behind WiO™ SmartFoods?

Answer: Absolutely, please refer to our sections on ingredients, technology and specifically modified cyclodextrins, as well as scientific studies and references here.

Question: Can I eat unlimited amounts of WiO SmartFoods™ without gaining fat or increasing insulin levels?

Answer: While you shouldn’t eat an unlimited amount of any macro nutrient or food, you should be able to consume a substantial amount of WiO SmartFoods™. Our foods contain calories from the protein, so theoretically, you should count them towards your daily macronutrient intake. Digestibility Corrected represents the amount of macronutrients present in WiO Smart Foods™ that are physically digestible by the body. Regarding Digestibility Corrected Values, the digestion of macronutrients can vary per individual based on the health of the digestive system.

Question: Are there any unwanted side-effects from the fat & carb blockers associated with common carb/fat inhibitors?

Answer: WiO™ uses only 100% natural, non-GMO, organic plant-based alternatives to synthetic chemicals or drugs. Our studies show that carb/fats allow the food to pass through the digestive tract safely. So no, there aren’t any negative effects associated with the use of our foods (modified cyclodextrin).

Question: Who can benefit the most from consuming WiO Smart Foods™?

Answer: Any person with an addiction to great tasting, healthy foods! Alternatively, people looking to improve their fat loss results and reduce cravings may truly benefit from consuming our Smart foods. Also, those wanting to lower glucose, insulin and triglyceride levels (keto) may benefit.

Question: Do WiO Smart Foods™ need to be refrigerated?

Answer: Great question! WiO™ makes several shelf stable foods. Some do require refrigeration. Just read the label on each food item. As with all foods please store WiO Smart Foods™ in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight for best results, unless the label instructed to freeze or refrigerate.

Question: Is WiO’s™ inhibiting/blocking ingredients allergic?

Answer: No, WiO™ carb/fat inhibiting ingredients have not been shown to adversely affect in any way or have any allergic reactions.

Question: Do you ship outside of the USA?

Answer: At this time, we ship to the continental USA. For international distribution we are working closely with several distribution partners. Please refer to our website for international shipping.

Question: What are the biological mechanisms that make foods zero fat and low carb?

Answer: The simple answer is that the 100% natural plant extracts we have isolated prevents the dietary fats and dietary carbohydrates from being available to digestive* enzyme action. The fats and carbs that are in our foods pass through your digestive system without your enzymes breaking down the carbs/fat for absorption. With the added benefit of no Gastro-Intestinal (GI) distress. You can learn more in detail about the science here.

Question: What does the term digestibility corrected* actually mean?

Answer: The term ‘digestibility corrected*’ means that the macro nutrients of carbs and fat are in our foods and do enter your digestive system. However, these nutrients are not fully digested (carbs) by the body; the fats and carbohydrates become encapsulated so it doesn’t exposed to the lipase (fat) or amylase (carb) enzyme action, causing the macronutrients to pass through the body undigested* rendering the calories undigested. The term digestibility corrected* refers to the overall values of macronutrients and calories after the product has passed through the body, is being blocked by the carb/fat blocking* technology.

Question: Are WiO products vegan friendly?

Answer: WiO™ has several vegan/vegetarian friendly food item(s). Such as our Healthy Nut peanut butter, breads, pizza, chips, chocolate, muffins etc. None of our ingredients are tested on animals and is therefore theoretically suitable for vegans. However, due to the product being handled and manufactured in a facility that also handles dairy products we do not make the claim of certified vegan on our product(s) label.

Question: Will the fat blocking agent block ALL fats if I eat non-WiO foods during the same meal?

Answer: No, simply because the ratio of fat blocking agent* is specifically dosed to cover the fat content of the food recipe that we made. If you were to add more dietary fats to the serving, there would not be enough of the fat blocking agent* to cover the additional fats ingested.

Question: Does heating the WiO Smart Foods™ products change the fat blocking or carb blocking agent effectiveness?

Answer: You are absolutely fine to heat WiO Smart Foods™ – heat does not negatively affect either, fat or carb blocking agents.

Question: What’s the shelf life?

Answer: WiO™ Has several products that are shelf stable with a shelf life of around 2 years when unopened. If kept in the freezer the shelf life can be extended several months.

Question: Can you use WiO Smart Foods™ while pregnant or nursing?

Answer: The consensus is yes, as long as you’re not allergic to peanuts, dairy, egg, or whey you shouldn’t have any negative effects. As with all dietary changes, you must consult your medical advisor for your personal needs.

Question: Can diabetics or insulin users eat WiO Smart Foods™ without it affecting blood sugar level?

Answer: Theoretically there should be no effect. However, digestion of macronutrients can vary per individual. Since everyone does digest food differently, amount and rate of absorption, we would suggest testing your blood ketones with small amounts of WiO™ products to determine your particular needs.

*Digestibility-Corrected represents the amount of macronutrients present in WiO Smart Foods™ that are physically digestible by the body. Regarding Digestibility Corrected Values, the digestion of macronutrients can vary per individual.

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