My Favorite Feast

My Favorite Feast


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10 Dinner Rolls
1 Chicken Pot Pie
4 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
1 Pumpkin Pie

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For Ingredients, Nutrition Facts and Digestive Facts for products in this pack, please refer to the individual product pages.

Dinner Rolls
10 FULL-SIZE DINNER ROLLS – Full-sized, low-carb, more protein than any other nutrient.
Made from scratch, all-natural, baked to perfection and ready for your table. Your family or guests will not be able to tell this roll is low-carb. So yummy—hot, toasted, or right out of the bag!

Chicken Pot Pie
What if grandma’s secret “gotta-have” pot pie was also fat-free and low-carb? It’s true, our low-calorie SmartPotPie™ is a big favorite and packed with veggies, all-natural seasoning and ingredients, meat, flavor, a flakey crust, but short on carbs and fat.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
4 FULL-SIZED MUFFINS – High protein, low-carb and zero fat
If you haven’t tried pumpkin and chocolate, you haven’t truly lived. Real baked pumpkin with our zero calorie sweetener (Smart & Sweet), fat free chocolate (Senza Colpa) is added to complete this oral yumminess. Fortified with whey protein.

Pumpkin Pie
1 PIE – Fat-free, low-carb
Few things are better than a Pumpkin Pie—especially during the holidays. Our low-calorie SmartPie™ is a big favorite—packed with fresh pumpkin filling, the perfect amount of spices, and a flakey crust to die for—BUT it’s short on carbs and fat!


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