Meal Pack 1

Meal Pack 1


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For Ingredients, Nutrition Facts and Digestive Facts for products in this pack, please refer to the individual product pages.

Chicken Burritos
Two (2) Tasty Chicken Burritos
The best tasting low-carb burrito there is. With only 5 digestible carbs, you can finally enjoy a keto-friendly burrito. The average burrito has 79-85 grams of carbs. WiO’s SmartBurrito™ has just 5 digestible grams of carbs. Try our made from scratch, all-natural burrito today.

Pizza Variety Pack
3 Personal-Size Pizzas (7.5″) – Serves 3
This low-carb, keto-friendly “sample pack” is a no-brainer, whether you’re finding your new favorite pizza or you already love all three flavors: Pepperoni, Cheese, and Chicken Alfredo! With thick, soft, perfect pizza crust, and delicious low-fat cheese, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to find WiO SmartPizza in the first place. Try our smart crust pizza today!

Egg & Cheese Croissants
2 Croissants
A hand-crafted keto-friendly, low-carb croissant is perfect for breakfast! A borrowed French tradition is improved with American innovation making it fat-free and low-calorie. Just wait ‘til you bite into the melted Swiss cheese with fluffy eggs folded into the center. Wow! Try them today!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
6 Cookies
When you want a cookie without the guilt, reach for a WiO Chocolate Chip SmartCookie™. Our cookies are fat-free, sugar-free, and low-carb. We get it, sometimes you just need to satisfy the craving for that classic chocolate chip cookie goodness. Try a low-calorie, keto-friendly cookie that’s actually delicious today.


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