MetFlex Protocol - Phase 4

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Recommended indefinitely to maintain your healthy lifestyle once you have finished Phases 1 - 3.

NOTE: We recommend using Phase 4 for ongoing use to maintain your healthy lifestyle. This pack includes everything needed on a monthly basis. We recommend signing up for the Subscribe & Save option to save money on a recurring basis. Your products will be shipped to you each month.

What's the difference between Pro-6 & Pro-22?

Put simply, the number indicates how many grams of protein you'll get per serving. For most people signing up for Phase 4, we recommend Pro-22!


Best with our SmartFoods

As you continue to use Phase 4 to maintain your healthy lifestyle, it's strongly recommended you use our SmartFoods throughout your day. And if you didn't know, you can sign up for our MetFlex Protocol Membership to get access to weekly webinars, free shipping & great discounts on all of our SmartFoods!