Knowing The CAUSE of Chronic Disease Is the First Step In Changing Your Health



Too Little and You Can Die.
Too Much and You Will Grow Sick
and Still Die… Slowly.

Here’s the Bottom Line

Our program(s) are for you if you are a vegan, vegetarian, meat eater and everything in between. We have proven programs if you want to lose fat, build muscle, increase sports performance, eliminate medications like insulin, hypertension or cholesterol lowering meds. Perhaps you just want to feel better and improve your health.



Knowing How You Arrived At Your Present Level Of Health Is Vital

We only provide you the latest in what science has found to be the cause of the chronic issues that are plaguing you.
The Bad About Insulin
Research shows that excessive and prolonged levels of insulin is a primary cause of chronic disease, like obesity and type II diabetes.

The latest news coming out of the labs is telling that the solution to what ails us is more than keto or low carb. The war on carbs needs to be refined to a focus of controlling your levels of insulin.

How To Be Low Insulin and Not Be Weird

One of the first things you need to do is plug the biggest holes in your health. That’s where we can help. The number #1 thing you can do that will make a drastic impact on changing and improving your health, is your diet.

What Determines My Health?

FOOD! The foods in your diet is more important in determining your health than anything else. More than exercise, supplements and about anything else you could do when trying to improve your health. A simple change the foods that you’re eating, and you can experience a dramatic change in your health. And it’s easier and more delicious than you may think.
What Kind Of Diet Change?
You could spend your whole life tying all the different diets, searching for the right one for you. Because of the eminence impact of diet has on your health, knowing the healthiest foods to eat is a tremendous treasure.

Make a list of your health symptoms that you have right now. Studies have been able to connect each of your symptoms to the foods that you have been eating. Continue eating those insulin producing foods and science can accurately predict that your symptoms will continue even worsen, in spit, of taking medication.

Change Today – Success Tomorrow

Change what your eating today and your body will respond almost immediately. You will be able see results in a matter of a few days. Comparison tests have revealed that exercise is most effective at body sculpting, flexibility, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular improvement.
Exercise Isn’t Very Effective At Weight Loss
Compared to diet, exercise is not nearly as effective in weight management and overall health. However, exercise does play an important role in your health. It’s just not the most effective for weight loss.

Your Past & Current Health
Measured By Your
Insulin Levels

Your insulin levels are dangerously high.

That is, if you eat what most Americans eat. You read in the FACTS Section that most people have at least one chronic disease. Studies are showing that Americans are sick because of their elevated insulin levels.

As a result, 70% of Americans are taking at least one medication. This is not the picture of health. Insulin can be linked to all of these chronic issues.
Which Do YOU Have?

• Overweight or Obesity
• High Blood Pressure
• High Cholesterol and or Triglyceride levels
• Diabetes, Insulin Resistance OR Elevated Glucose levels
• Fatty liver (NAFLD)

Above is a short list of the chronic diseases that are result of an imbalanced of insulin. Which issues do you have or want to avoid?

Food Controls
Your Insulin Levels

There is no argument that the more glucose you have in your blood, the higher the concentration of insulin there is flowing throughout your body.

There is no argument that Insulin is the main trigger to inflammation. Experts agree that prolonged exposure to inflammation is very detrimental to your health.

There is no argument that carbohydrates increase insulin levels.

There is no argument that carbohydrates are the only macro-nutrient that is not essential for good health.

Since There Is No Argument

Shouldn’t you be limiting your levels of insulin by controlling the amount of carbohydrates you eat? Most Americans eat 300-400 grams of carbohydrates a day. That’s 50-65% of their total calories eaten, coming from carbs. Carbohydrates aren’t bad for you, but humans were not designed to have that many carbs. Since diet is why more than 50% of Americans are Insulin Resistance.

Balance Your FPC Ratio

Having your body’s cells resistant to insulin is more of a dimmer switch instead of an off or on switch. Truth is, it starts with just a few localized cells that ignore this powerful hormone. If left unchecked, and years of hyper insulin production and a majority or your cell will be resistant to insulin.

Insulin is usually the first chronic disease to affect you, because if you have any of the chronic issues mentioned here, you had insulin resistance first. This risk has always been there but checking for it wasn’t a common blood test that your doctor ordered. Do yourself a favor and ask your doctor for a “2-Hour Insulin Glucose Challenge Test”. This glucose tolerance test can help detect your high insulin levels. Over 50% Americans have insulin resistance, and yet 90% of people who have this condition are left undiagnosed.

Because Insulin resistance is partnered with most chronic issues and definitely with those listed here, it can be the costliest of all. Sucking $1,146 a month out of your budget if you have all the other related issues, which sadly, millions do.

The Wrong FPC and You Have Chronic Symptoms

Think about your family, the people at work or even the people you see at the traffic light next to you. 8 out of 10 of those people have at least one chronic disease. It’s not a mystery, these people have those symptoms because of what they eat. Their FPC Ratio is out of balance.

The Answer: Re-Arrange Your FPC

The longer you eat the wrong FPC Ratio the more chronic issues you will develop. Preventing and reversing chronic conditions is relatively easy, though it does require a lifestyle change. It’s simple, just a rearrangement of your FPC. Are you ready to end your unwanted symptoms, are you ready for a change?

Insulin Is The Cause of Your Weight Gain

It comes down to basic body chemistry. Everything you eat creates a chemical response in your body. When you eat carbs, it is converted into glucose. The glucose triggers your pancreas to make insulin. The insulin triggers hundreds of other chemical responses and too much insulin for too long, results in chronic issues, such as obesity.

Too Much Insulin Can Be Dangerous

If your body is producing higher levels of insulin it is nearly impossible to lose body fat. Your body was designed to function optimally on both ketones with as little insulin a possible. Foods with the right FPC balance can help you with Chronic Illnesses and Metabolic Syndrome. Before you think you don’t have these issues, check the list below… sadly the chances are 80% that you do. But we are here to help you change all that.


You Don’t Need A Diet

It’s true that whatever you are eating is your diet. But you don’t need the latest fad diet gimmick to be healthy and get your body back. All you need is food and to balance that food into a healthy FPC ratio, it’s simple.

We now know that chronic disease is caused by the foods eaten in the wrong FPC Ratio.


Holes In Your Bucket Isn’t The Problem

The simple reason that diets don’t work well is because they focus on—losing weight or any other chronic disease! Having extra body weight isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom of a problem.

Treating symptoms is like putting tape over the holes in a bucket, it never addresses where the holes come from and why it is happening.

In other words, you must find out WHY your body is gaining weight, has high blood pressure, elevated glucose, high cholesterol low energy, etc.

HINT—it’s not because you’re eating too much foodor eat too much fat and not exercising enough!

If you’re frustrated because you don’t know the cause of your symptoms, don’t worry, we do, and we want to share the secrets.


Yesterday’s Meal Flooded Your Body With Insulin

Today’s Food Choices Will Determine Your Level of Health Tomorrow

Eat Today - Pay Tomorrow

It’s a biological reality that when we eat anything, your body will respond with a chemical mixture giving instructions to the rest of the cells in your body. The details of your chemical mixture will depend on the ratio balance of your FPC macro-nutrients.

Is Food Making You Sick?

We have all eaten food that made our stomach upset. Recent studies are demanding that we all ask that question about the foods we are eating. Luckily, the research has given us what to look for. Any food or food combination that cause high levels of insulin for prolonged periods of time increase your chances of developing a combination of several chronic issues.

Cascading Events Are Eminent

It’s common that high carbohydrate eaters, eat carbs at every meal. Including snacks, like soda, chips, chocolate etc. Eating carbs throughout your day will result in elevated insulin all day. After a short time, some of your cells will become insulin resistant. The following chronic issues can affect you in any order but most generally follow this order.
When your cells become resistant to insulin your pancreas will become overworked with producing insulin so often, you don’t want insulin resistance because it always leads to more unhealthy chronic issues. A sad report is 53% of people are insulin resistant.


When your pancreas is constantly pumping out insulin because your ratio of carbohydrates are too high throughout the day, you develop a hyper-insulin-producing pancreas called hyperinsulinemia.
When your cells start ignoring insulin, your pancreas goes into hyper drive and makes more and more insulin to try and keep your glucose levels down. It doesn’t take long for your liver to get too fat. Called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and is the leading cause of NASH and kidney failure.
Insulin is a growth hormone. When insulin is dominante it is impossible to lose weight and weight gain is achieved even with the least amount of daily calories. Insulin cant drop down to healthy levels when all your meals and snacks are high in carbohydrates.
Too much salt, heredity and stress are most often blamed for elevated blood pressure. These three can play a part but clinical evidence clearly shows that insulin is the cause. Plaque build up in your arteries is due to glucose and insulin in your bloodstream for too long. Restricting blood flow causing your heart to work harder and raising your blood pressure.

Insulin holds on to the salt in your body which increases your volume of fluids. Which raises your blood pressure, but salt isn’t the cause.

Stress can temporarily raise your blood pressure but is not a long-lasting chronic cause.
Diabetes will always follow insulin resistance and most often a fatty liver. The culprit and primary cause of type II is prolonged levels of insulin. People all over the world are finding relief from this terrible condition by flowing a low insulin diet.

Don’t Make Low Carb The Goal

In a ketogenic or keto diet the practice of eating low carb is too often the end goal. Studies are clear that lowering your carbohydrates isn’t enough. Eating low carb should be a guide not a destination. Instead, lowering your insulin levels will give you the health and body you want.

What Insulin Does To Your
Pancreas – Liver – Digestive System


The Bright and Dark Side of Insulin

Everyone knows that eating carbohydrates will spike your insulin levels. But don’t worry, your body was designed to handle when insulin levels go up…periodically. Insulin is an important and necessary hormone. When your body wants to build new cells, muscle, bone and repair itself, insulin is the hormone best suited for the task.

Too Much of A Good Thing

Just like most things, too much of a good thing can turn bad. When you have high insulin levels most of the time, from most of the foods you eat, the dark side of insulin coming into the light.

All inflammation health risks are linked to insulin. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol increases, and premature aging are all related to being over exposure to insulin.

Don’t Blame Carbohydrates

Eating carbs will increase your insulin levels. Protein and Fat* won’t. And eating a certain kind of fat called linoleic acid (processed fats) can get an insulin spike, so getting enough healthy fats is important. The secret to insulin control is balancing your Fat, Protein and Carbs (FPC) that is how to keep your insulin levels lower.

When you do eat a high carb meal make sure the next foods you eat, push insulin levels back down to healthy levels. Nothing controls insulin levels more effectively than the
WiO Eating Plan – Advanced Keto

When you lower your inflammation, your cells can repair themselves better, faster and your cells live longer. That means, that even if you have had a chronic disease for years – the moment you lower your inflammation you turn back the hands of time. Your body begins to repair itself to a younger version of you. It’s time to go back to “yesterday”… again! We can help you go back in time. To when you felt better. Your body performed better. You were better. Tomorrow can wait, yesterday is waiting for you.



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