Helping with Blood Sugar Levels. My fasting blood sugar was 190 2 1/2 weeks ago.   My doctor wanted me to switch to insulin from my metformin (which he’d upped to 2 a day). This morning it’s 99. I’m still on 1 metformin a day, but will be making an appointment with the doc to back that one off, too. What can I say? The system works. Now if WiO would just create a program to keep my teenage son’s room organized? sigh.- Gwyneth Price Kenner, S.L.C., Utah

How do you feel now (physical wellbeing) – compared to before the protocol.
 Since being on the WiO protocol, I have noticed a significant increase in my energy levels. With my busy schedule, I used to come home from a long day and want to sit on the couch and then go to bed early. Now that I am on the protocol, I can come home after work and have energy to workout, do my homework, run errands, and take care of my family. I can keep going until I am ready to go to bed. I used to get so frustrated with how tired I always felt. Now I feel great, and having the energy to do what I want makes me a much happier person.

What things can you do now that you could not OR not as well or comfortable
 The WiO protocol and my health coach have taught me to tune into my body. I now know what my body needs to perform at it’s best. I had reached a plateau in my weight loss and fitness goals, and the WiO protocol has quickly helped me to overcome my roadblocks. I now have the strength and the energy to push my body harder while working out, which delivers results much quicker. I no longer have the soreness in my muscles that prevented me from staying consistent with exercise. I can feel the difference in my muscles now that they are being nourished properly.

How has your mood or cognitive thought improved
 For me, the WiO protocol has dramatically changed my overall mood. I used to get irritated and angry at the smallest offenses, and now I am able to stay calm, even in very stressful situations. The protocol has evened out any chemical imbalances I had, and my general outlook on life is much more positive and happy! My cognitive thought has also increased. I think that being able to get good, solid sleep has helped this tremendously. I no longer have the urge to take naps in the middle of the day. It feels so nice to wake up when my alarm goes off and not want to bury my head under the pillow. I think I have actually become a morning person! I didn’t expect these kinds of results from the protocol, so it has been a pleasant surprise!

How has it affected you finances
 Before my husband and I started the protocol, we loved to go out for nice dinners with friends, where we would easily spend a lot of money. We also made weekly trips to the grocery store and spent a couple hundred dollars on food for the week. Since being on the protocol, we have actually saved money because we don’t have the need or the desire to go out to eat as much, or to spend so much on food. I want to live a long, healthy life, so I consider the knowledge and the health benefits of the protocol to be a good investment in myself.

How easy is it to tell people about your success with WiO and was it easy to refer people?

 I have never been so excited to talk to people about my health before! My coworkers love talking to me about my progress, and each time I see my friends, they comment on how “skinny” I am. It is easy to tell people about what I am doing, and tell them that even though it can sometimes be challenging, it is totally worth it! I love waking up each day knowing that I am treating my body right, and I look forward to making healthy choices all day. I have never felt more proud of how I am treating my body. I can finally hold my head up high and talk to people about my choices with confidence.

How important (impact) does the coaching (or your coach) have on your life and success?

 If it weren’t for my health coach, I feel like I probably would have given up at some point. Knowing that I will see my health coach every week gives me a sense of accountability. I don’t want to let my coach or myself down so when I am faced with temptations, I just think of that. It is nice to know that if I have concerns or questions that I can call my coach for guidance at any time. I like that each week I learn something new, and it helps me understand more about why I am doing what I am.

ANY other thoughts or comments
 I was very hesitant at first to start the protocol because I was afraid to give up foods that I thought I was emotionally attached to. However, overcoming the emotional attachment to food has made me a much stronger person overall. Food no longer dictates my life. I no longer feel the need to use food to celebrate life’s events. Instead, I go out and live my life without fear or limitations and each day now feels like a celebration of my healthy choices. I am surprised that something as simple as modifying my diet has changed my life overall. I can’t wait to see what else the future holds, and I am now confident that the knowledge I have will help me to continuously better my loved ones and myself.
Bonnie Stay, South Jordan, Utah

How do you feel now (physical well being) – compared to before the protocol (please give details) 
Since being on the WiO protocol, I feel significantly better. I have more energy, I sleep better, and my mind thinks clearer. I no longer feel physically or mentally weighed down. I have generally been one to workout, and thought I had a decent grasp on my diet, but I am amazed at the quickness of my results, namely weight and fat loss, since switching my diet to the WiO protocol. It really was the puzzle piece I was missing to finally getting my body to where I had always dreamed.

What things can you do now that you could not OR not as well or comfortable 
The biggest change I’ve noticed since being on the WiO protocol is my physical endurance. Anytime I had started a workout routine before, I never quite got to the point of really being able to push myself in my workouts. I simply could not get my heart rate high enough, and for a prolonged amount of time to be able to reach my fitness goals. And when I did try, it was extremely painful and uncomfortable. However, just after the first week of being on the WiO protocol, I was able to push myself like I hadn’t for years, all with amazing recovery times too. The most significant change was in my calf muscles. For 12 years my calf muscles would always cramp up on me after only running for a couple of minutes. I tried stretching, potassium, l-glutamine, and many other potential solutions, but nothing even came close to solving my problem. It only took 1 week on the WiO  protocol for my calf pain to completely disappear. I was absolutely blown away by how quick I saw positive results. I now run for several miles at a time, and am so grateful to have that part of my life back.