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I just got the tortilla chips, they are awesome, can’t believe they aren’t regular chips.

Lynne P.

Received 2 product packs today. Got free shipping – arrived fast. Products in good condition. The rolls are yummy. The food looks very appetizing. Also, I have 5 pounds of white flour I’ve been using to make vegetarian burgers. Awesome!

Joan S.

I love all their products. They are so good!

Karen C.

I’ve ordered and it is the BEST healthy food I’ve ever had. No lie. And I’ve tried it ALL!!!

Lisa N.

This food is incredible. Mastered flavor, texture, calories, sugar, carbs, fat. Perfect and delicious. Thank you. Oh, and so filling and satisfying.

Donna O.

These foods are great!

Michael S.

I love these chips! The crunch is wonderful and they hold up to dip and being made into nachos.

Debbie M.

The products are so good! Sometimes it’s hard to believe you can eat and don’t gain weight!

Thereza B.

These are so good I have a tough time trusting them. The tortilla chips are great. The dinner rolls are great. But they taste pretty much exactly right, so it’s hard to believe. Trusting for now.

David B.

The Chicken Pot Pies is to die for, and the lemon muffins are just the best. I also love the chocolate chip cookies. I am so happy to find this place. It will definitely keep me happy and focused on my low-carb plan. Oh and did I mention the peanut butter? I love it…

Ginger C.

These are great rolls! ❤

Vicki W.

Love all your products!

Wayne W.

Wow! Those were good! (Dinner Rolls) Love the Chips too!

Susan T.

These rolls are delicious!

Gaylon R.

These rolls are delicious and a real treat for those on low carb. I also ordered the hamburger buns and the tortilla chips and highly recommend them also!

Sherry K.

We had the chicken [alfredo] pizzas for dinner last night and they were delicious! Will be ordering again!

Carol O.

LOVE these products… especially the chicken burritos and the chicken pot pies!! Muffins are delicious too.

Diana T.

I love your products! I was so excited to get to taste apple pie again. I love the chicken alfredo pizza too. Thank you for the low-carb delicious food!!

Bonnie B.

Great pizza, in fact I love everything I have tried. The bread is a full size loaf.

Kenneth K.

Love the bread and tortillas.

Oliveia N.

They are amazing. In fact, I can’t tell the difference from regular chips. Even my husband who absolutely hates diet food could not tell the difference.

Stacey Z.

I’m a calorie counter. Eating WiO foods has made my weight loss of 131 lbs possible. I wouldn’t be able to stick to my diet for almost 10 years without my WiO’s. I just tried the peanut butter for the 1st time last week. It was amazing!

Rashell C.

I can’t live without them! Down 35 pounds since September and WiO makes me not feel deprived!

Kirby W.

It’s easy to spend over $100, trust me! You won’t be disappointed in anything that you get from them. I don’t know what I’d do without your company’s products!!! Oh wait, yes I do, I’d be a heck of a lot heavier than I am now! I love your products!

Patti P.

The pumpkin chocolate muffin. I’m going to try the carrot cake next. These are so filling and really work in my lifestyle. I run long distances and these kept me satisfied and fueled through the run. I gave some to my bf. He loved the muffins and I feel it’s much better for him than the 700 calorie muffin he was eating every day – and really tasty too.

Gia D.

Love this food so much. The breads are just delicious. The chicken pot pies are fabulous and the crust is beyond perfection. Thank you WiO!! I think I have now tried all your products and I highly recommend everything!! The best part is the food, the second is I’m losing weight!

Ginger M.

I’ve bought the tortilla chips about 3-4 times, as has a friend of mine. They are good, we were both on Keto at the time. I’d recommend them personally, for what it’s worth. All of their foods are normal foods, just made with their carb blocker and/or fat inhibitors. I’ve basically ordered/tried 90% of their items and still have them here at the house.

Jason J.

Love your products! Lost 55 pounds so far using them, plus training everyday!!!

Florencia L.

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