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50 Capsules. Too many people don’t drink enough water. Did you know that when your mouth is dry and you’re craving water that you have gone past thirty, and it is a sign of dehydration? The first pangs of hunger are actually thirst. So give your body what it needs and drink more water before you reach for food. Take your body weight and divide by 2 and that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking daily. But without sodium and trace minerals, drinking isn’t enough, the water just pours through you…literally. Take 2 – 4 capsules of hydrate along with 12 oz. of water daily. You will be amazed by your performance and how much better you feel. Hydrate is so much more than pure unadulterated sea salt. It is a blend of all 72 trace minerals to give your body what it needs to be a little more “salt of the earth.”


Digestibility-Corrected is a term the FDA adopted into the Code of Federal Regulations in 1993 to indicate that not all macros (carbs & fats) may be digested by your body. WiO did not create the term, but uses it as they were instructed to by the FDA & USDA so customers understand what's in the products. Click the WATCH VIDEO button to learn why WiO uses it, and to gain a better understanding of the safe, all-natural, plant-based carb and fat blockers (in the form of fiber) that WiO uses in all of it's products so that delicious foods can also be low-carb and fat-free!

INGREDIENTS: 100% Salt. Other Ingredients: 100% vegetable-based capsules.

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