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Lynne P.Customer

I just got the tortilla chips, they are awesome, can’t believe they aren’t regular chips.

Carol O.Customer

We had the chicken [alfredo] pizzas for dinner last night and they were delicious! Will be ordering again!

Diana T.Customer

LOVE these products… especially the chicken burritos and the chicken pot pies!! Muffins are delicious too.

Lisa N.Customer

I’ve ordered and it is the BEST healthy food I’ve ever had. No lie. And I’ve tried it ALL!!!


I absolutely love these croissants. Such a great treat. I eat them right out of the package. The taste and texture are fabulous. I’m on auto-order for once a month. Love them so much!

Veronic D.Customer

Game changer! I’m part Italian and one of the hardest parts about switching to a lowcarb/keto diet was giving up pasta. I made some fresh fettuccine with the all-purpose flour yesterday and they turned out great. Excellent flavor and texture.

Donna O.Customer

This food is incredible. Mastered flavor, texture, calories, sugar, carbs, fat. Perfect and delicious. Thank you. Oh, and so filling and satisfying.

WiO SmartFoods

We block the carbs & fat, not the taste! WiO's SmartFoods are tools for a healthy eating lifestyle. Used in combination with the MetFlex Protocol (or any other diet or wellness program) these delicious, low-carb, fat-free and keto-friendly foods are just what you need to be metabolically flexible and successful long-term as you strive for better health!

WiO SmartFoods are designed to help you achieve metabolic flexibility; a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overall well being. Our SmartShakes and SmartFoods are formulated with metabolic flexibility in mind and provide you with the nutrients your body needs to function at its highest potential. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, WiO has you covered. Become metabolically flexible with WiO SmartFoods today!

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 A glass of chocolate milk topped with fresh raspberries.
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Croissants drizzled with honey and chocolate sauce, a delectable treat for breakfast or dessert.
Low-carb deliciousness!

Baked Goods

Chocolate chip cookies on white plates with a generous amount of chocolate chips sprinkled on top.
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Snacks & Desserts

It's not just food...

WiO is a lifestyle. What started out as a passion project quickly became an obsession, and we wanted to learn anything and everything there was to know about dieting and foods that actually work AND taste great. In the end, it changed our lives.

Now, WiO is on a mission to prove that low-carb & fat-free can be delicious, and that the most nutrient-dense meal replacement shake in the world can change YOUR health and YOUR life just like it did our founder's!

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Become metabolically flexible in 18 weeks!Use SmartFoods as a tool to support your health goalsCreate your own low-carb foods with our DIY products!Improve your health one day at a time
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