Hey there, I'm Jason!

In 2007 I was 45 and working as a financial analyst. I weighed nearly 300 lbs—up from my 191.5 lb weight as a champion college wrestler—and I was not happy. Memories of my mother’s early death at 45 from cancer, not to mention eight other family members’ early deaths, had me scared!

For months, I had been suffering from a headache that would last literally all day and night. And the only time I didn’t have a stomach-ache was when I was eating food, but 30 minutes after eating, it would come back—sometimes so bad I couldn’t work or stand.

I finally decided to get a complete checkup: full blood workup, a stress test and a total MRI body scan. Two weeks later the doctor called me in. He asked me to bring my wife. Immediately I thought, “Oh, this can’t be anything good.

After sitting down in my doctor's office, he said, “You have metabolic syndrome, and here are 6 medications that I want you to take...”

I had no idea what metabolic syndrome was or how serious it was. All I could think about was my Mom when she told me, “I have cancer. I’m afraid and I don’t want to die.” I felt the exact same distress as I asked my doctor, “So, how long do I have left?” 

He shook his head and laughed a little, “Oh, well you’re not going to die… I mean you ARE going to die, but just not yet. It's true you will die sooner and less comfortably if you don’t get these things under control.”

Here’s what he said I had: 

  • I was obese, and almost morbidly obese
  • I had high blood pressure
  • I was a type 2 diabetic – one of the reasons I had headaches
  • My cholesterol was too high
  • I had a fatty liver
  • I was insulin-resistant
  • And I had hyperinsulinemia

I learned that I got that way because of what I ate. Well, I never had those prescriptions filled. Instead, I did what a financial analyst does when they don’t know the answer to a question: I read, I studied, and I analyzed. I spent 8 hours a day combing through medical journals and clinical studies to find the answers that I needed. I wanted to know how to overcome metabolic syndrome once and for all. I went back to school and became a food scientist.

After 18 months and over 600 clinical studies I found the answer! Those studies conclusively confirmed what we should be eating, when and how much, and for how long. And so, based on my findings, I formulated the very first meal replacement shake!

The day came when I needed to test it on myself. After 12 weeks I had lost 78 pounds! I wasn’t hungry except when it was time to eat. I wasn’t miserable, and I took my life back.

After 18 weeks I tested again. I showed the results to my doctor. He didn’t know what to say. He just told me, “Well, you don’t need those prescriptions anymore!” Then he asked, “How did you do it?” I told him my story and all he could do was pat me on the back and encourage me to “keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

That’s my story! Not only did I get my health back. But I started a new career as a food scientist and started WiO SmartFoods™ to help YOU, so you don’t have to spend 3,000 hours reading 600 studies to get YOUR health back.

That very first product I formulated is now our flagship product—our Meal Replacement SmartShake—and the most important part of our MetFlex18 Protocol! I also developed a plant-based carb-inhibitor and fat-blocker—in the form of a fiber—that we add to every one of our products so 85% of carbs and 100% of fats are blocked from being digested. Our SmartFoods are a tool to support the MetFlex Protocol and make it so that healthy meals, snacks and treats are delicious rather than tasteless, meaning you can more easily maintain a low-carb eating lifestyle.

Now, WiO is a formulator, manufacturer and distributor of over 60 products, with more being added all the time. Our MetFlex Protocol and SmartFoods can be the answer to YOUR health needs just like they were for Jason!

Ready to make a change in your life?