Delicious science-based food without the calories

Our Mission

Educate, empower, and improve your health with a science-proven diet and delicious food that can help overcome many chronic symptoms and avoid chronic disease. 

Better Food

There's this notion that healthy food isn’t tasty, and no one wants to give up the food they love. But we know there's a better way to eat healthy. And You don’t have to worry about never having another pizza, chips, or bread again. 

Sustainable Lifestyle

Empower you to make better decisions about your health. We believe we can minimize, or in some cases eliminate, some chronic symptoms millions of people face through a macro-balanced diet with the correct ratios of Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates.


Life is too short not to enjoy it and too long to spoil it. We can have our cravings without sacrificing our health. Our technology lets you eat healthy and delicious food. The kind of food you usually stop eating to lose weight.

Our Story

In 2007, Jason was 45, weighed nearly 300 lbs, and feared for his health. A medical check-up revealed he had metabolic syndrome and needed six medications. 

Instead of going the pharma route, Jason hit the books and analyzed 600 clinical studies over 18 months to formulate his first meal replacement shake. 

He tested it on himself, lost 78 lbs in 12 weeks, and left his doctor speechless. Jason left his financial analyst gig, became a food scientist, and founded WiO SmartFoods. 

Today, the company offers over 60 products designed to improve your health without giving up the foods you love

Our History

WiO SmartFoods Office West Jordan Utah


Jason Whitney opened the door of WiO SmartFoods to help people enjoy a healthier life with the food they love
WiO Diet: Meal Replacement Protocol SmartShake

Meal Replacement Shake

Created the most nutrient-dense meal replacement shake
MetFlex Protocol - Phase 1, Part 2 (for members) - WiO Diet

Science-based Diet

Developed a science-based diet to help you become metabolically flexible
Game Time = WiO SmartFoods

Low-carb and Fat-free Food

We have created 60 low-carb and fat-free foods. Meals, snacks, and desserts

Our Food

SmartFoods are made with 100% natural, non-GMO, organic, and plant-based carb and fat-blocking to lower the calories without removing the taste. All of our ingredients are chemical, hormone, and artificial-free.

Our technology is safe for consumption with no side effects to let you eat the food you love with a low-carb, fat-free, and low-calorie twist without compromising on the taste.

Achieve Ultimate Health

The MetFlex Protocol 18 is a science-based diet program for people who want to regain their health and have metabolic syndrome. (Obesity, Insulin resistance, diabetics, high blood pressure, and more.)

This program will take 18 weeks and help you become metabolically flexible, so you won’t regain the weight

“Taking care of yourself is not just about living longer, but living better.” 

- Jason Whitney, Founder of WiO SmartFoods