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You NEED Metabolic Flexibility!

The How & The Why!

The MetFlex Protocol

SmartShake: 2 Scoops

WiO’s SmartShake is the MOST nutrient-dense meal replacement shake in the world! 2 scoops per meal. So simple!

Omega Oil: 2 Pumps

WiO’s Pro Omega Oil provides the correct balance of healthy omega fats. Add 1 Tbs (2 pumps) to every SmarShake.

Hydration & Greens

Follow your daily guide to include greens, healthy meats and proper hydration. Use carb guidelines for each phase.

SmartFoods as a Tool

Implement delicious, low-carb SmartFoods as a tool after the 1st week for your optional snacks with proper portion control.

Metabolic Flexibility

As you follow this protocol for 18 weeks you will become metabolically flexible, which means your body can more easily adapt to a wide range of foods without gaining weight, you have a stronger immune system and microbiome, and you are relatively free from metabolic syndrome and chronic symptoms of aging.

The Benefits

25% off all SmartFoods during Phases 1-3, and 30% off all SmartFoods as long as you stay on the monthly Phase 4 Protocol! Based on a clinical study with over 2,000 participants, the following benefits were observed over 60 days:

• Feelings of well-being increased by 84% • Ability to concentrate increased by 84% • Headache & muscle pain decreased by 82% • Fatigue was decreased by 87% • Flushing/hot flashes decreased by 78% • Sleeplessness was lowered by 84% • Forgetfulness was lowered by 68% • Irritability was lowered by 87%

18 Weeks. 4 Phases.

1. Reset

1. Reset

Stay in Phase 1 for 12 weeks as your body resets, or until 90% of the desired fat is lost. Keep your daily carb count to <20g. Purchase Phase 1 packs for 3 months.
2. Correct

2. Correct

Phase 2 lasts 3 weeks. During this phase your body will correct as weight loss continues. Keep you daily carb count to 40 - 60 g. Purchase one Phase 2 pack.
3. Rehab

3. Rehab

Phase 3 lasts 3 weeks. In this phase your body will go through the final, vital steps to full rehab. Keep daily carb count to 80 - 100 g. Purchase one Phase 3 pack.