Welcome to the MetFlex Protocol

Whether you're already at your desired weight or just getting started, the MetFlex Protocol is designed to help you create healthy eating habits,, get to your desired weight and maintain metabolic flexibility for the rest of your life.

The MetFlex Protocol is broken down into 4 phases. If you're just getting started, we recommend starting at Phase 1. If you're already at your preferred weight, jump on into Phase 4 to maintain!

Phase 1

Phase 1

Weeks 1 - 12
Phase 2

Phase 2

Weeks 13 - 15
Phase 3

Phase 3

Weeks 16 - 18
Phase 4

Phase 4

Download Phase 1 - 4 Guide & Tracking SheetsPrintable versions of the guides & tracking sheets to help you stay on track throughout the process.
Download the WiO appCOMING SOON! See your daily reminders, track daily & weekly stats, explore delicious recipes & more.

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