SmartMuffin 4-Pack #2: Carrot, Cranberry, Lemon, Cinnamon

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Delicious, filling & sold exclusively by WiOOrganic, non-GMO & only the best ingredientsLow-carb, fat-free & keto-friendly

4 Full-size Muffins
Keto-approved, low-carb, fat-free Variety Muffin 4-Pack: 1 Carrot Cake, 1 Orange Cranberry, 1 Lemon Crumble, 1 Cinnamon Crumble. Can’t decide? Get one of each! A delicious way to satisfy your cravings without the carbs or calories. Try them today!

Low-carb, keto-approved muffin variety 4-pack:
1 Carrot Cake, 1 Orange Cranberry, 1 Lemon Crumble, 1 Cinnamon Crumble

For Ingredients, Nutrition Facts and Digestive Facts for products in this pack, please refer to the individual product pages.

Digestibility-Corrected is a term the FDA adopted into the Code of Federal Regulations in 1993 to indicate that not all macros (carbs & fats) may be digested by your body. WiO did not create the term, but uses it as they were instructed to by the FDA & USDA so customers understand what's in the products. Click the WATCH VIDEO button to learn why WiO uses it, and to gain a better understanding of the safe, all-natural, plant-based carb and fat blockers (in the form of fiber) that WiO uses in all of it's products so that delicious foods can also be low-carb and fat-free!

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Here at WiO, we believe you don't need to sacrifice taste in order to have delicious, low-carb foods. All of our foods and protein shakes use fat free ingredients to craft delicious alternatives to your favorites.

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What you put into your body affects you more than you might realize. We are on a mission to help people better understand what goes into their foods & help them make smart, conscience decisions to build a better life.

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