Trio Trim 70 Capsules


The perfect partner for your weight-loss goals, TrioTrim can help you burn 8X more body fat than other leading brands. Plus, it inhibits 95% carbs and 80% sugars and can block 10g of Fat per serving. It’s not just the usual metabolism boost, it blocks the carbs and fats in your meal, so they’re not digested, making weight loss that much easier!


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Digestibility-Corrected is a term the FDA adopted into the Code of Federal Regulations in 1993 to indicate that not all macros (carbs & fats) may be digested by your body. WiO did not create the term, but uses it as they were instructed to by the FDA & USDA so customers understand what's in the products. Click the WATCH VIDEO button to learn why WiO uses it, and to gain a better understanding of the safe, all-natural, plant-based carb and fat blockers (in the form of fiber) that WiO uses in all of it's products so that delicious foods can also be low-carb and fat-free!

SUGGESTED USE: Take with water 25 minutes prior to working out or eating a high carbohydrate/fat content meal. For accurate dosage per meal, follow this guide:
WARNING: For adult use only. If you are taking medication, have a medical condition, or are nursing or pregnant, consult your doctor before taking this product.
100% All-natural
G.R.A.S., HALAL & Kosher Certified
Manufactured in the USA

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