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Why Should You Become an Authorized WiO SmartFoods Clinic!

It Just Makes Sense

WiO’s vision is to help you in becoming the leading weight-loss and chronic disease management medical professional in your area. Over 50% of your patients are on a diet program at any given time. The other 50% are considering a diet to lose weight or manage their symptoms of chronic disease.

WiO can help you serve those people. WiO has the products, WiO has the science-based, clinical-study-verified protocol. And WiO has the marketing system to connect you to the people that want your services.

What's in it for you?


  • Science-Proven Diet Protocol
  • Low-Carb Keto SmartFoods™
  • Better Health Learning Center


  • Wholesale pricing scenario (not a franchise)
  • We provide office staff training and all the print and digital assets your patients will need to be successful.
  • Save time, maximize your assets and treat your patients with a lifestyle-adoptable diet program.

More than just another Diet Company

WiO Diet™ and WiO SmartFoods™ are a medically developed and scientifically-proven weight-loss protocol that includes products and programs to help address many inflammation and chronic disease issues.

WiO has developed ketogenic, all natural, clinically proven formulas that reduce the digestive quality of some fats and carbohydrates, and we have incorporated these formulas in everyday foods.

Our technology enables us to make otherwise high-calorie, high-carb, and high-fat foods 70-85% lower in calories and carbs, and zero fat, while maintaining the expected texture and taste that your patients have come to expect.

We want to be your partner in your patient's health. Here's how we'll do it:

Add to your current services as a wellness and prevention provider. WiO provides comprehensive training, coaching and support to each Clinic, and training videos for your patients.

WiO provides various marketing packages from our results proven in-house marketing team, plus tutorials on how to market on social platforms using the latest techniques and best practices.

We will keep you up to date on the most recent clinical research so you can help your patients with issues as pronounced as being overweight and the severe risks of metabolic syndrome.

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Frequently asked questions

WiO is an American functional food manufacturer. Our WiO Eating Lifestyle offers more than merely weight loss and maintenance and helps address the classic symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Your patients achieve success by following our four-part advancing program. We support a structured protocol featuring both one-on-one coaching and online educational tutorials on maintaining a balanced lifestyle with our education, meal replacement protocol and exclusive functional and delicious food items.

The primary goal is to reverse the undesired symptoms by lowering insulin levels which promotes fat loss, moderate protein intake to maintain lean muscle mass, and electrolyte supplementation to increase hydration.

WiO is a scientifically validated protocol for safe, rapid weight loss that can help address the metabolic syndrome epidemic now widespread throughout the westernized world. Healthcare professionals just like you are offering the WiO Eating Lifestyle to their patients, helping them overcome the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and other related chronic issues.

The WiO Eating Lifestyle is a medically-developed, clinically supported wellness program that is a duplicatable and sustainable protocol for a lifetime of success. Based on over 600 peer-reviewed studies, it is easy to implement both in your practice and in the lifestyle of your patients.

First, the WiO program focuses on regulating the patient’s insulin level. With more than 50% of Americans having insulin resistance, this is one of the main reasons people fail in a regular diet plan.

Second, training the liver to be fat adapted is critical in reversing the symptoms of chronic disease and obesity.

Third, increased levels and safe levels of ketones sufficiently replace the energy lost from a low-carbohydrate diet program. You are ridding your patients of the familiar and unpleasant symptoms of the “keto-flu.”

Fourth, our exclusive low-carb SmartFoods™ enable your patient to switch from high insulin-producing foods to delicious healthy keto-approved alternatives.

The WiO protocol is a turnkey wellness program for your practice. Studies show that education and lifestyle changes are a primary pillar in regaining one’s health. The WiO health coaching materials can be a key element in your patients’ success and maintaining their weight loss for the rest of their lives.

The purpose of the U.S. adopting the 1977 nutritional recommendations (Food Pyramid, My Food Plate) was an effort to combat cardiovascular disease. However, this adoption has resulted in the general health of Americans to continue to worsen.

As described by the CDC chronic diseases such as diabetes, and obesity are ballooning at epidemic levels. In a recent admission from the United States dietary advisory committee, “In contrast, trials that used mainly carbohydrates to replace saturated fat did not reduce CVD.” Therefore, the committee is calling for the removal of limits on dietary cholesterol and to reduce the previous recommendation of carbohydrates in the diet. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has sent these recommendations to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services.

WiO has been promoting the recommendation of reducing carbohydrates and increasing omega 3 fatty acids in the diet to lower insulin production since 2007. The prestigious Obesity Summit at the Cleveland Clinic presented research findings that showed a ketogenic dietary protocol was safe and effective in weight loss, and also presented significant improvements in blood pressure, lipid profile, and fasting glucose levels. Through the adoption of a low-carbohydrate diet, subjects benefited from successful weight loss that helped decrease cardiovascular risk. More recent presentations of the same findings were presented at the 2014 and 2015 Annual Scientific Meetings of the National Obesity Society.

The WiO protocol is very safe because we have identified possible contradictions that may interfere with an ultra-low carbohydrate diet. We define “safe” as a normal physiological metabolic state for the human body. Fat adaptation, ketosis, insulin and glucagon regulation are normal and safe biological functions of the human body. Because our WiO Eating Lifestyle focuses on the underlying causes of the chronic conditions and because our program’s foundation is providing whole-foods, with no preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients, your patient’s body will welcome the holistic change. The WiO Eating Lifestyle does not use pharmaceuticals, stimulants, appetite suppressants or soy as most other manufactures do.

We suggest that all of your patients complete a very comprehensive “Health Profile.” Those with significant medical histories and/or those taking multiple prescription medications must receive approval from their primary care physicians or specialists before beginning the WiO Eating Lifestyle protocol. Though WiO does not provide specific medical advice, generalized suggestions we normally provide may have to be adjusted for patients currently on certain medications (insulin, oral hypoglycemic and antihypertensives, etc.).

The WiO Eating Lifestyle is a moderate-protein, not a high-protein, diet, generally providing .5 grams per pound of lean muscle mass per day. The WiO formulations also use collagen peptides, grass-fed whey, and vegan proteins. Soy or soy by-products never enter our formulas.

In developing the WiO Eating Lifestyle, over 30,000 pages from 600 clinical studies were painstakingly studied. From these peer-reviewed human studies the WiO 4-phase protocol and product formulas were created. To achieve the desired results for the patients, new techniques and product ingredients needed to be created because they previously did not exist. WiO Medial Account Specialists will keep your team up to date on the most recent clinical research and any new breakthroughs that are discovered around the world in the area of patient wellness.

WiO provides all of the educational materials in print and digital format, including a comprehensive FAQ document so that your office staff can easily either provide the printed materials in person, or email the digital files to your patient to help them fully understand the 4-Phase Protocol and track their progress daily, weekly and monthly, including how to measure, weigh and record their biomarkers. Part of the digital assets we provide will be a series of videos explaining the Protocol basics and how to be successful in each phase. In all of our materials we will encourage them to follow your professional medical advice.

We understand that you are already overworked. The WiO Clinic program has been designed to ease the burden of you having to head the program. WiO has designed training materials ensuring that your “Health Coaches” (office staff or others you assign to this role) receive extensive complimentary training from WiO. Many of our new Clinic partners use existing staff members in the beginning of the program and add new staff members later. Physicians often provide medical oversight and monitor the health of their patients while on the WiO protocol. With this structure you have a reliable, clinically sound alternative for your patients who need and want to lose weight and or reverse the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

We use the term partners in the sense of helping you and your patients with a turn-key weight management and chronic disease program. In the legal sense WiO does not become a partner in your private practice. Each of our WiO Clinics are held and owned privately by each doctor. We like to think of ourselves as partners in you helping your patients achieve better health.

One of the best methods of attracting dieters is for them to see your staff members benefiting from the program. We recommend that you start with your own “WiO Team,” which are your own employees so that they can experience the protocol for themselves. Typically, employees are excited about the great results and communicate them to your patients as they come into your practice. It’s impossible to stop the “word-of- mouth” effect that always follows. WiO sees your success as our success. And have developed an in-house social media and database marketing program to ensure your success and help you to grow your brick-and-mortar and online practice as large as you desire. Using the latest skill sets and knowledge of traditional and online marketing leaders we have incorporated these services into your very own WiO Clinic.

There is no sign-up fee, no training fees, no franchise fees or royalties associated with being a WiO Clinic. Once you become an approved WiO clinic, you would make and pay for an initial product order—at wholesale prices—to have products on hand to provide to your new dieters. The only additional cost is ongoing product orders to maintain inventory.

The initial training is provided at no cost to your clinic. WiO also provides free ongoing training of new research or products from time to time. This training will usually be online, but can be in-person if requested (additional costs may be required for in-person training).

Because each WiO Clinic is privately owned, you set your own pricing for the WiO products. Most Clinics follow our recommended retail pricing schedule. Some clinics will charge an initial consultation fee and then the dieter purchases the food items. During Phase 1 of the Protocol dieters are typically required to eat three WiO meal-replacement shakes a day. In a recent Gallup Poll, it was revealed that the average adult spends $21.57 a day on food. Based on these statistics WiO dieters end up saving a considerable amount of money while on the WiO Protocol based on what they are already spending on daily food items. Since the WiO Eating Lifestyle is a meal-replacement program, the cost of the WiO meals is less than what your patients are currently paying for their food choices.

Surveys of consumers are revealing that your patients’ interest in their health is growing. With the rising cost of insurance, healthcare costs and other associated medical expenses, your patients are looking for cost saving alternatives. These surveys are finding that not only are your patients receptive to you offering programs and products that serve their wellness desires, your patients are grateful and appreciative that you have taken the time to provide a solution for them, for saving them the time and effort of looking for services elsewhere, and for providing a lifetime solution to their healthcare concerns.

Take your own poll of your patients for the next week. Ask your patients if they would be interested in you offering them a medically-managed program designed to help them with their unwanted metabolic syndrome symptoms, and that will cost them about the same or less than what they are currently spending on food each day.

Just as all our other WiO Clinics, you will be amazed by how much your patients rely on your advice and how receptive they will be. Most of your patients would do almost anything to finally lose those extra pounds, stop being a diabetic or pre-diabetic and get their energy and vitality back.

By offering the WiO Eating Lifestyle, your patients will be grateful for the positive impact it has made on their health. Your patients would continue to see you as a reliable and professional health practitioner.

Simply put, some of your patients don’t have time to wait. Issues like insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, type II diabetes and Alzheimer’s have been building for years, and sadly there is a point of no return. Our society is in the middle of a metabolic syndrome epidemic. Society is made up of millions of people just like your patients. For some of your patients, you are their last hope.

There are people in your practice that only see one medical professional. These people consider you the only person that they will take direction from when dealing with lifestyle changes.

A Health Profile must be completed in order to determine a client’s health status and what modifications must be made. Fortunately, our advanced ketogenic protocol can be adapted to nearly every metabolic dysfunction.

More and more clinical evidence is being presented to confirm that the progression of type II diabetics can be halted, even reversed. While the WiO protocol cannot reverse type I diabetes, the WiO Eating Lifestyle can help a type I diabetic regulate their glucose levels and even reduce insulin medication therapy and aid in weight loss.

As important as weight loss can be for your patients, the primary goal of the WiO Protocol is to regulate glucose and insulin levels in all of your patients—everything starts there.

We have designed an effective alternate protocol for type I diabetics and type II diabetics that are on medication therapies. The WiO protocol is similar to a ketogenic protocol, except that we give some fruit and dairy, with controlled amounts of grains. This alternate protocol will generate moderate levels of ketones without the risk of deep ketosis or ketoacidosis. Statistically, less than 10% of type I diabetics produce no insulin at all, where most still can generate some amounts of insulin. Our alternate method of a ketogenic protocol is safe and effective for diabetics. This alternate approach has been very successful for diabetics and they will experience similar results compared to a non-diabetic, while sparing muscle mass, hydration and, most commonly, substantially decrease their insulin dependency.

Your patients/dieters will have free access to a very useful resource: The WiO Better Health Learning Center. It is a large library of tutorial videos, downloadable PDFs, white papers, testimonials, and other resources on many different topics that your patients can utilize and may find very useful. New videos are added weekly and other resources are added regularly.

Part of the difference with the WiO Eating Lifestyle is the approach of treating and managing metabolic syndrome and chronic disease. As you know, hypertensive pharmaceuticals, for example, treat the symptom of elevated blood pressure, doing nothing to address the underlying cause of why your patient is experiencing prolonged elevation. Based on hundreds of human, randomized, peer-reviewed studies, sustained inflammation is at the heart of these chronic issues. The WiO Eating Lifestyle is unique because our protocol and food formulations focus on regulating your patient’s glucose and insulin levels:

Our method allows you to treat the patient’s physiological cause of their symptoms

  • Our approach creates a physiological environment that reboots a hyper-insulinemic pancreas to normal healthy insulin production.
  • Our proprietary low-carb and fat-free diet (controlling polyunsaturated fatty acids) creates a reversal of your patient’s insulin resistance.
  • The WiO Protocol is NOT a high-protein diet. With moderate protein formulation in our foods your patients will enjoy weight loss while maintaining vital lean muscle tissue. WiO never uses low-quality soy proteins, which have been found to compromise estrogen levels. This means that your patients will lose unwanted fat, not vital muscle mass.
  • Our meal replacement is a true nutritional meal replacement, unlike most of the competition that is simply a protein supplement. In a controlled in-house study, pre- and post-complete blood tests and body biomarkers of muscle, fat, and hydration confirmed that the WiO Eating Lifestyle improved the overall wellbeing of subjects consuming only the WiO protocol food items for a period of 14 months. You can feel confident that your patients are receiving a true healthy meal replacement with everything that the body needs to thrive.
  • It is the only meal replacement formula that provides 100% of all vitamins and minerals (excluding vit K), fiber, essential fatty acids, and several botanicals found to be effective in metabolic syndrome management. It provides zero sugars, with no chemical sweeteners and ZERO artificial ingredients, and offers an effective detoxification system without taking additional
    supplements, because it’s all in the meal replacement formula.
  • WiO is one of the very few protocols that controls, manages, operates and owns its own manufacturing facility. Which enables us to ensure the premium quality that your patients deserve.

It’s very simple. Provide your contact information and let’s talk about your needs. Then we can arrange a test package to be sent to your office. We have found this to be the perfect way for you and your staff to put our claims of superior quality to the test and try it for yourself. We are confident you will love WiO as much as thousands do everyday. Fill out and submit the form above  if you’d like to learn more about WiO Clinic partnerships, and one of our account managers will contact you.