More Than Just Pizza Crust

More Than Just Pizza Crust

Sep 22, 2022Jason Whitney

We have changed the pizza crust game – taking things to a whole new level. As you are probably aware, WiO uses all-natural plant-based ingredients in our food that function as as carb-inhibitors and fat-blockers. BUT we had a “what if” thought… what if we added EXTRA blocker and inhibitor to the pizza crust so whatever your topping choice may be, that would be blocked as well 🤯. So, we tested, and tested, and tested again and… SUCCESS!

Our pizza crust has the ability for you to make a great homemade pizza, custom to your taste buds, and still be low-calorie, fat free, and low-carb. We tried this fun variation to switch things up so it truly could be used as more than just pizza crust.


  • 1 WiO Pizza crust
  • 1 Tbsp Greek yogurt
  • Lettuce slices
  • Tomato slices
  • 2 cooked sausage patties

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